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Since when did it start to weigh me down again?

"You are a master with the rifle, Miss Yoko. I closed my eyes because I had faith in you."


Steins;Gate: Episode Three

並列過程のパラノイア → Parallel Process Paranoia

"Who’d eat a pervert’s banana anyway?"


Al with #6 for an Anon c:


Al with #6 for an Anon c:


A commission of Ryuko, Satsuki, and Mako from Kill la Kill for Justin!

I had tons of fun with this one, too. My favourite thing to do is character interaction and characters just being cute, so getting to do this one was just up my alley :D

Thanks again for your patronage, Justin!


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1/5 female characterskagura

[fmab challenge] three homunculi (3/3): greed

I’m Greed. Money, women, subordinates… everything belongs to me! Which is why I won’t abandon what’s mine. I’m a greedy guy, after all!

"Greed, isn’t this… what you’ve always wanted more than anything?" "Yeah, you’re right. What I’ve always wanted… are friends like these.